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Using Brisbane Meeting Rooms for Essential Face to Face Meetings

Maree's Cafe - Thursday, September 08, 2016

With 40 percent of all business travel being related to having meetings and attending events, having a go-to meeting space in Brisbane is essential for those who operate on a travelling basis. Unfortunately even with advances in technology, some face to face meetings are just necessary. Most business people will tell you that face to face meetings are key to being successful in their business relationship.

If you are thinking that the easier way to setup your Brisbane meeting rooms is to go to a big hotel with conference facilities, you’ll be surprised to hear that the cost can be more than three to four times that of your other options. What’s more, most hotel meeting spaces don’t come with the essential tools that you require to run your meeting, and you’ll be sprung for more of your dollars for each item you request.

A small coffee shop or café are something many business professionals consider to hold their meeting. But for anything other than the smallest one-on-one meeting, they can be viewed as unprofessional, too noisy, and lacking the privacy and services needed for the majority of meetings. And of course, for many meeting situations a coffee shop table just won’t suffice.

With Upstairs at Marees - getting together with your clients has never been easier. We provide you all the necessary equipment for your meeting, and you can even connect to our wifi network for free! With a cost that’s much lower than other Brisbane meeting rooms, and the flexibility to enjoy breakfast, lunch or tea fresh from the cafe downstairs - Upstairs at Marees is the perfect venue for your Brisbane meeting.

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