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Conference Room Brisbane

Suzy Black - Sunday, September 04, 2016

Looking to hire Conference Rooms Brisbane? You will probably start your search online and will be led to a vast array of hotels in the CBD offering meeting rooms for hire. However, the problem with hotel meeting rooms is that they come with a big price tag. You see, because many people think that the only rooms for hire are in hotels, they bump up the prices and offer less flexibility than other options that you may not know of. For example, if you want to use an overhead projector of flip chart at a hotel meeting room, you can bet that you will be charged a hefty sum on top of the basic room rental, and let’s not even start on the cost of hotel conference food.  

So what if there was a better option? A place where you can rent a well set up room for all your meeting attendees, have all the equipment that you need for your meeting easily supplied and also be able to be flexible about the about of time you require to the rental? That’s where a new breed of conference rooms Brisbane comes in. At Upstairs at Maree’s, we offer a professionally set up meeting room which can be adapted to your needs. Being part of the Maree's Cafe and MC Caterers group means that we can also supply you all the food you need for your meeting, that tastes great at a price fits your budget. Call us today to make your booking.

Meeting Venue South Brisbane

Maree's Cafe - Thursday, September 01, 2016

Looking for a meeting venue in South Brisbane? You may be a small business owner and are proud to be able to provide a level of personal service that your larger counterparts cannot. Quite often, however, your small business may experience a stumbling block when it comes to physically meeting with clients or suppliers. If your premises don’t have the facilities or space to hold a meeting, you can look to hire a meeting room to suffice for all your needs.

Increasingly, many small enterprises are rapidly finding out about the seemingly never-ending advantages to renting conference and meeting rooms local to the area they wish to conduct business. Finding a central location, with good access to transport, parking options nearby and clean modern facilities is the holy grail. As a meeting venue in South Brisbane, Upstairs at Marees can tick all these boxes and more. Of course, the facilities are open to any business, large or small and with great value service, you can be assured that Upstairs at Marees will soon be your go-to meeting room in South Brisbane.  

Whether you will need a meeting venue for just one hour or over the course of several days, Upstairs at Maree’s is your ideal meeting room venue. With an array of options, catering available and all equipment you need to make your meeting run smoothly, this boutique meeting venue will suit a wide range of needs no matter what your business entails.

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