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Business Meeting Venue Brisbane

Suzy Black - Thursday, September 15, 2016

When looking for a professional setting for your corporate events, Upstairs at Marees in South Brisbane can extend to you a warm and inviting environment.


The meeting room can be rearranged  to whichever format you see fit, with felxible options for layouts and numbers of attendees.


Upstairs at Marees sets the bar in excellent service for all Business Meeting Venues Brisbane and will help to host your functions in a beautiful room bursting with character, guaranteed to keep the attention and focus of your team and audience.


Having worked in the Cafe and Catering scene for many years, the team at Upstairs at Marees are confident that they will deliver the right results for your corporate event – from all aspects from venue through to providing business equipment.


Set a short stroll from the river in South Brisbane, Upstairs at Marees will also ensure high specification catering to your requirements for all types of business events and they are flexible in their offerings. Known for proving great fresh food, at a great value price - an extensive catering menu is available to you and your guests.


The team at Upstairs at Marees are passionate about what they do - and mixed with the high quality service and string reputation they have built in the business catering field, they provide and strive to maintain the highest quality Business Meeting Venue Brisbane.


Training Venue Brisbane

Suzy Black - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do you need to host a training event? Are you looking for a unique venue in Brisbane in which to offer training? You need look no further than Upstairs at Marees

Training venues are training venues because they can provide large and spacious rooms and all the facilities a group might need for training. Catering is also important, as day-long training will require refreshments and personnel who can meet and greet the guests.


There are many benefits to hiring conference facilities including:

1.      You can choose the room setup and facilities based on your needs.

2.      Only pay for the time you require the room.

3.      A neutral location often works better for business training.

4.      Save money as opposed to running a bigger office on a daily basis.

5.      Other services on hand to assist, like food and drink.


If you’re looking for training venues in Brisbane and the surrounding area then you can’t go wrong with Upstairs at Marees. Whatever your training room requirements, we can accommodate all your requests. No doubt you’ll need wireless internet access and possibly the use of a projector, and we have both these facilities, while the room we offer is spacious and full of natural light. We’ll have space for all your training sessions, and we’ll be able to offer the high levels of service and hospitality you expect. Find the right training venue in Upstairs at Marees

Small Function Venue Brisbane

Suzy Black - Monday, September 12, 2016

Looking for a large space in which to hold a business meeting or conference? Most large hotels now double up as conference venues as they have large reception rooms which can be transformed into meeting rooms and the space to provide hospitality to delegates. If, on the other hand, you have to hold a meeting in Somerset then there’s a venue with a difference which provides hire space for conferences: Upstairs at Marees

If you’re planning to hold a large conference and you need a hospitality venue to cater to your every need then look no further than Upstairs at Marees. We can help you plan your event, whether it be a business conference or an interview day. We can accommodate you, whether you need a small meeting room for two or for ten. Providing a personal, friendly and welcoming service, we’re located within a short distance from Brisbane city Centre in the suburb of South Brisbane

The team at Upstairs at Marees are dedicated to ensuring that your corporate event goes just as planned. They believe in the personal approach and so treat every client as an individual. You'll never feel like 'just a number' when you book your next function here. Many businesses in various industry sectors have chosen to hold events at Upstairs at Marees with catering from Marees Cafe, which has developed an excellent reputation across Brisbane city and beyond.


Venue Hire Brisbane

Suzy Black - Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finding a venue hire Brisbane that fits both your requirements and your budget that still has a sense of character can be a tall order these days.  Many meeting rooms are generic places in serviced office centres or hotels.  Upstairs at Marees offers something different and is the ideal venue if you are looking for meeting rooms in or around Brisbane.


Upstairs at Marees is a great venue located above the renowned Maree's Cafe in South Brisbane. A Brisbane institution offering great food, and great coffee Maree's Cafe also offers business catering through the MC Caterers brand.   Having the cafe onsite at Upstairs at Marees means that we are able to povide your meeting with excellent fresh food and hot drinks, scheduled at an interval that best suits you. Breakfast meeting over coffee and pastries? No problem at all - you can hire our clean and modern space and select from an extensive catering menu to make your meeting go off without a hitch.

With the room being able to be configured to your requirements and with great, useful facilities such as free wifi, white board, projector and screen - you can rest assured that we have you covered with all the essentials for a great meeting. Venue hire Brisbane is often something that people gravitate towards using hotel meeting facilities, but these are very often not the best choice as they are impersonal and lack the service and setting that you would most desire. Our aim at Upstairs at Marees is to provide you with the very best - space, food and service, so try us out today. 

Room Hire Brisbane

Suzy Black - Friday, September 09, 2016

Room Hire Brisbane is becoming a more in-demand service as more and more businesses are looking to use satellite staff working from home, and only coming together on an irregular basis to discuss their plans. What this means is that many businesses that once had traditional offices with meeting rooms and boardrooms, are now lacking these facilities and must come up with creative ways that they can get all their staff together in one place.


The solution for many is to look towards renting a space for a short-term, as needed basis. Of course, what is often needed to make this fit is to have the facilities that you would come to expect in a standard business meeting room, and that would include suitable seating, a quiet environment and audio visual equipment to share ideas on a big screen. Traditionally, this would be something that would be handled by a large conference venue, and with that comes a large price tag, so its good to know that things have moved forward and you no longer have to break the bank to find the meeting venue for your business.


That's where Upstairs at Marees comes in - with a modern conference room available to hire at low rates, you can hold your next staff meeting in a central Brisbane location and even provide catering should you so desire. We are flexible when it comes to your requirements, so simply give us a call and we'll be happy to talk about how we can help your business with the space you need.

Function Rooms Brisbane

Suzy Black - Thursday, September 08, 2016
South Brisbane can be an ideal choice for holding meetings as its location makes it easily accessible from several different parts of Brisbane. If you are looking to hold a meeting in South East Queensland, Upstairs at Maree's is a unique venue with meeting room space available for rent that not only have a great deal of charm but is also equipped with the latest technology to suit your business needs.

Upstairs at Maree's is located in the suburb of South Brisbane, which overs great links from all sides of the city and a more laid back atmosphere than the CBD.  The onsite coffee shop Maree's Cafe can provide catering for your function rooms Brisbane, which means we can deliver you the freshest food possible when you hire the space upstairs.


One of the best things about the function rooms Brisbane available at Upstairs at Maree's is the flexibility of rental times that we offer. What that means is that if you are planning on conducting a short business meeting, and only need the space for an hour - you can utilise our hourly rates and not pay for a whole day if that's not required. Likewise, if you are planning on having a week-long conference, it's possible to hire out the facility for as long as you need. 


We aim to provide a great level of service and quality of experience that you would come to expect for a function venue Brisbane, so contact us  to find our how we can assist your business.

Using Brisbane Meeting Rooms for Essential Face to Face Meetings

Maree's Cafe - Thursday, September 08, 2016

With 40 percent of all business travel being related to having meetings and attending events, having a go-to meeting space in Brisbane is essential for those who operate on a travelling basis. Unfortunately even with advances in technology, some face to face meetings are just necessary. Most business people will tell you that face to face meetings are key to being successful in their business relationship.

If you are thinking that the easier way to setup your Brisbane meeting rooms is to go to a big hotel with conference facilities, you’ll be surprised to hear that the cost can be more than three to four times that of your other options. What’s more, most hotel meeting spaces don’t come with the essential tools that you require to run your meeting, and you’ll be sprung for more of your dollars for each item you request.

A small coffee shop or café are something many business professionals consider to hold their meeting. But for anything other than the smallest one-on-one meeting, they can be viewed as unprofessional, too noisy, and lacking the privacy and services needed for the majority of meetings. And of course, for many meeting situations a coffee shop table just won’t suffice.

With Upstairs at Marees - getting together with your clients has never been easier. We provide you all the necessary equipment for your meeting, and you can even connect to our wifi network for free! With a cost that’s much lower than other Brisbane meeting rooms, and the flexibility to enjoy breakfast, lunch or tea fresh from the cafe downstairs - Upstairs at Marees is the perfect venue for your Brisbane meeting.

Brisbane Day Office

Maree's Cafe - Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Remote work is now becoming certainly becoming the norm and not the exception. So for employees who are on the road, where do essential meetings occur? The reality is that for many, busy airports, noisy coffee shops, and small hotel rooms will often become less-than-perfect meeting space. But when it comes to crafting a winning business proposal, presenting a strategic portfolio or even just discussing business undertaken, if you are travelling in South East Queensland, the prospect of using a Brisbane Day Office is far more appealing.


What you need is a professional a day office where you can focus on work, knowing you have the right technology tools at your fingertips and business services at the ready. This was a major premise behind the creation of Upstairs at Marees - creating a great value space with all the facilties and peace that you need to hold your business meetings effectively.


Located a short walk from the river in South Brisbane, Upstairs at Marees offers everyone from individuals to groups of companies of all sizes, a range of great meeting services and first class catering. Whether you need a Brisbane day office for an hour, half-day, entire day, or multiple days, we have got you covered and include pricing plans to allow you flexibility to choose what best suits your business requirements.


So instead of expensive hotel meeting rooms, explore your options and drop up a line, you won’t be disappointed with our facilities or service.

Meeting Room Hire Brisbane

Maree's Cafe - Tuesday, September 06, 2016

We live in a time when on-demand services are rife, and when we are so used to having on-demand everything - that quickly stretches into other areas of life.

But how about when you need a Meeting Room Hire Brisbane -- from a trusted, basic space to sit with some individuals face-to-face, to perhaps a locale that can accommodate hundreds of men and women with all the current accoutrements and IT & AV gadgetry, plus catering, privacy and other services that you'll require?

In today's courageous new trend of thrifty and smarter working, everyone has the opportunity, the individual entrepreneur especially, to work like a huge company, while keeping their funds in balance -- which applies to getting together with places evenly, as well as office or workplace space needs.  Flexibility of having a number of spaces - in different locations dependent upon your needs - that cost a small fraction of what a leased, full-time dedicated office works you -- and you simply pay only for enough time that suits your real, specific needs is definitely one of the smartest business moves that many can achieve.

In our increasingly transient lives, having a functional workspace and working space anywhere in the world, it's comforting to learn that we now have good sources of Meeting Room Hire Brisbane to support you in finding the right kind of space, at the right size, budget and location, including small-to-large getting together with spaces. You don't have to be a big business, or spend a lot of money, to enjoy the fbenefits that larger companies do these days when it comes to meeting spaces.


Suzy Black - Monday, September 05, 2016

With so many of us aiming for the perfect work / life balance it will come as no surprise to hear that there are many more businesses offering their employees the opportunity to work from home, work their own flexible hours and come together with the rest of their team for meetings on an as-needed basis.

This has had a great effect on the workplace, increasing production and being proved as being an extremely cost-effective way of working. However, one of the most challenging aspect for some businesses that no longer have traditional offices is where to hold meetings when they need to collaborate with staff or clients.

Searching Brisbane meeting room rental is one way to find a good reliable venue for you to hold your next conference. In fact you can find that there are a myriad of great cost-effective options for your flexible work place requirements.

With many looking for a basic space to provide staff an area to interact, a meeting room that has some AV and IT basics to share digital knowledge is a must. Flexible meeting spaces in Brisbane city can be expensive, but a short skip over the bridge to South Brisbane can provide you with a great value meeting space including catering and other business services to get your meeting off to a flying start. Brisbane meeting room rental doesn’t need to be expensive, you just need to know where to look to find the best place for your needs.

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