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Meeting Room Space in Brisbane

Maree's Cafe - Thursday, November 03, 2016

In the market industry, the very few numbers on your zip code can actually say a lot about you - the kind of leader you are, the status of your business, as well as the direction you plan to go to. Though this might not be true, those businesses located in the most enviable addresses have actually a lot of opportunities to command more attention from industry leaders, customers, and investors as opposed to those who camp out in the vicinity of corporate hotspots.


However, for organizations that are geared towards global mobility, it is not always practical to establish headquarters in every city where they have business interest. An office, regardless if it is small, can obtain expensive operational costs, considering the rent, equipment to be used, maintenance fee, as well as the staff that must be employed. Thus, the best solutions, based on experts, for leading executives needing representation is to rent out meeting rooms.


Opting for quality conference rooms and training rooms can actually offer a professional and impressive venue that is conducive to hosting the most important appointments you have for your business. Regardless of whether you are liaising with clients or perhaps brainstorming with your leaders and thinkers, the comfort and convenience of meeting them in a safe and easily accessible place through major transport links, in a room with innovative conference and communication equipment, can help you in achieving the agenda more efficiently. You may choose the right size for the room, from a small executive suite for a closed-door discussion with a VIP stakeholder, towards a spacious room for a conference with about 30 people.


In fact, one of the very important feature of a perfectly-designed meeting room is its in-house facilities for your IT, audio-visual and communications requirements. A couple of the basic amenities must include fast Internet access, innovative phone and intercom system, photocopying equipment and wireless slideshow or perhaps video presentations. If you have the latest gadgets, you and your team will surely become more effective in the presentation, activity or training which can further help you carve out a productive and results-oriented day for everybody. Apart from that, even business support services like receptionist service, registration support and secretariat staff, can make the meeting very efficient.

South Brisbane Conference Room

Maree's Cafe - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Meetings are an important part of the day-to-day running of many businesses, whether it is internal meetings, holding job interviews or important meetings with clients. Many businesses cannot run effectively without them. However, they often require additional space to host them, away from the day-to-day office and it is not necessarily required on a day-to-day basis. Many large businesses have their own, purpose-built, office block containing meeting rooms adequate to their needs. However, smaller businesses or those run from home may not be able to afford such facilities. That's where meeting room hire comes in.


They can be a particular advantage for businesses run from home that want to keep costs down, but also want to portray a professional image to clients and other businesses. Hiring a room as and when needed retains a professional atmosphere, but at a minimum cost. The rooms only needs to be hired as and when it is required.


They can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that occasionally require a meeting room or require rooms of various sizes at different times, depending on the nature of the meeting. The meeting rooms usually come with a variety of additional facilities, such as projectors and internet access. The range of facilities will vary with each room, so it is important to check it has what you require before booking it.


Some office blocks are built with the intention of housing multiple small or medium businesses and there will often be a range of facilities available in these office blocks, such as meeting rooms. They are usually available for the businesses within the block itself, but some are also available to hire by external businesses. This could be particularly useful for businesses run from home or those that need to have meetings at different locations. These office blocks are often ideal places to locate small businesses that are growing, because there is often a range of office sizes available, so the business can upgrade or downgrade with a relatively small amount of hassle and cost. Other services or facilities may also be available, such as internet access, reception service, reception area, toilet facilities, parking area and office cleaning services. Furniture such as desks, chairs, cupboards and shelving may or may not be provided as well. It is important to check what facilities, services and furniture will be available, as each block could offer different facilities. Sometimes, these facilities can be brought in to the meeting room if you request them in advance, such as a screen projector or DVD player.

Rent Meeting Room for Business

Maree's Cafe - Friday, October 28, 2016

Meeting room space for business purposes will come in handy, but knowing whether or not the space is worth owning and paying for on a yearlong basis is crucial. Meeting facilities and meeting room space can end up costing your business a small fortune to operate all year long and can be an unnecessary expense if you don't always need the space. However if you use the space to help sign big clients and make lots of revenues for your business, it could be worth the expense. Nonetheless, in most cases, a business will only use meeting room space for minor employee meetings along with the occasional client meeting. It's important to know that there are more affordable solutions available for businesses that don't need the luxury of owning their own year-round meeting room space.


If you're a business owner looking to rent office space there are many excellent rental meeting spaces for serious businesses who want to work in a professional environment without breaking their bank account. Meeting facilities will normally cost a lot of money when you own your very own meeting space. For example, owning your own meeting space all year-round will cause you to have to pay for a meeting table, chairs, a projector, a projector screen and much more. Plus, it goes without saying, that there are administrative staff to pay on top of the room itself, as well as heating bills, cleaning bills and other maintenance bills. Owning office space also means you will need to pay for monthly internet and cable bills. All of these payments make it difficult for your meeting space to be worth it in the end.


Your meeting room should be a place that you go to discuss important business details, sign new clients and even discuss salaries with employees. However, you most likely won't be using your meeting facilities all day long, every day of the week. This makes it extremely beneficial for you to consider using an office rental service. With an office rental service you get to rent office space for just the days that you will actually be using the space which allows you to save money while continuing with all of the perks of having your meeting room space.


The benefits of going with an office rental service are truly spectacular. You can choose from a large number of perks to come along with your rental package. For example, you can choose to have a secretary take your phone calls and even forward them to another phone number. You can have access to a fully functional and furnished meeting room space without having to bring in your own furniture. You will also have access to internet, cable and other perks such as being able to use the copy machines. Office rental services give you the most bang for your buck and will help your business grow without being weighed down by unnecessary extra costs.

Best Meeting Room Brisbane

Suzy Black - Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you are in urgent need of a fully equipped meeting room, then you should know that you can easily rent one for your business meetings. Business meetings are vital for any company regardless of its size, as they can determine the success or utter failure of a particular business - this is why you need to make sure that you rent the best meeting room in town. In this article you will find several useful tips and hints that will help you do so.


Equipment Makes the Difference

Firstly, you need to pay attention to the devices and appliances available in the meeting room. When it comes to meeting room rental, it must be mentioned that this rooms usually contain all the necessary equipment, from videoconferencing systems and computers to printers, fax machines, photocopiers, telephone with speakerphone function, projectors, screens and even plasma TVs. The golden rule is that the conference room must meet the needs of the participants; this is why you must choose one that has all the above-mentioned features (and more). Besides, the meeting room must be spacious and always clean.


Service Quality

The staff also plays an important role, as every business meeting requires a well-trained, professional staff. You will need one or more persons to keep you updated, sort files and prepare the conference room for the meeting. The dedicated support team will always be there to ensure that you have everything you need for a pleasant and productive business meeting.


The ideal meeting room should be air-conditioned and its design should be suitable for training events and business conferences of all kinds. Moreover, the rental company should also be able to provide catering services or buffet, if needed (this is an aspect of utmost importance, especially if the meeting will be a lengthy one).


Room Layout

The room layout is also highly important, as you need to choose the room type based on your business needs. For instance, boardrooms are perfect for formal meetings, a theater room is ideal for professional business presentations and graphics, while a U-shape room encourages debates and open discussions. Moreover, the U-shaped room is also suitable for business conferences. In addition, you can also rent video communication suites or interview rooms. The latter one is standard and it does not have too much equipment - however, it ensures a relaxed and pleasant environment for the recruiter and the employee.


Meeting Room Essentials

Pay attention to the features and "bonuses" you get when renting a meeting room. Does the room have free Wi-Fi for you and the other participants? Is there a flipchart or a whiteboard, as well as several markers? Moreover, free water and free pads should also be offered to the participants. These details may seem irrelevant at first, but they make the difference between a professional, top-notch meeting room and one that has a careless and sloppy design and isn't properly equipped.

What to Look for in a Rental Meeting Room

Maree's Cafe - Friday, October 21, 2016

When operating a company or a business, the need to hold meetings with the clients is definitely inevitable. Meeting rooms play a crucial role in the successful execution of day-to-day operations in your office. They form an important part in your office setup. But finding a perfect meeting room other than your office can be a real challenge. In recent days, the demand for meeting room rental has skyrocketed with an emergence of more and more businesses every day. There are many factors to consider before your opt for meeting room rental.



Space is the most important factor to be considered when you are renting a meeting or conference room. Also, inadequate space is the major reason for why many companies go out of their office for meeting purposes. Based on the number of people expected to attend the meeting, you should choose carefully the size of the meeting room. If it is a board meeting that will be attended only by a few people, then a small room is enough. On the other hand, you will need a large space to hold more people if you organize a conference. But the size of the room has a direct effect on the rental price. So, you need to balance your needs without jeopardizing your budget.



You do not want your employees or clients to spend their whole day in attending the meeting. Therefore, an 'easy access' room will be an ideal choice. Ensure that the location is connected to all modes of transportation. With hassle-free drive, you and your clients will feel comfortable.



Apart from the size of the room, its look also plays a vital role. The room should be equipped with required number of chairs and tables. The furniture should have a polished look and reflect a professional atmosphere inside the room. The interiors should be painted decoratively in order to make a good impression among the clients. Leaving walls blank makes the interior unprofessional and unappealing as well.



The major reason for renting is because they've something which an ordinary office meeting room lacks. One such feature is latest and high tech equipment to conduct the meeting in an effective manner. A perfect room should be installed with latest projector, laptop connections and good sound equipment. High speed internet facility and Wi-Fi connectivity are an added advantage. These advanced features are a must for all meetings and can't be neglected in the current global scenario.


Rental Price

Finally, look at the price for rental. It is very essential to find a room for rental that will make your conference or meeting more convenient by having all your needs at an affordable price. The rental charges can be made per hour or per day based on where you get the services. Compare various services before committing to ensure that you get all the services at reasonable price.


If your home office space is unsuitable for holding a meeting, then meeting room for rent is the easiest and convenient option available.

Why Rent a Meeting Room?

Maree's Cafe - Thursday, October 20, 2016

Who Needs Meeting Room Rentals?

If you fall under any of these categories, then chances are that renting is right for you:


1. If you own a small company. Small companies typically don't have their own. It's not a bad thing, of course, especially if you don't really need it anyway. However, should you need a room to meet with a prospective partner or client, then, you can always rent one.


2. If you run a home-based business. Just like small companies, you also don't need a it for your regular business needs, much less an office that has a meeting room. The solution? Just rent.


3. If you are just starting out your business. Let's say you have an office space, but it isn't big enough to accommodate a meeting room because you can't afford it yet. Now, you need to meet with venture capitalists. Instead of meeting them in your cramped office, you can also rent a room for meeting and conduct your discussions there.


Rent a Meeting Room or a Full Office Setup?

You may be considering getting a full office setup eventually, so you would want to know if it's really worth getting with it in the end. In this section, we'll be sharing with you some of the pros and cons of renting a it or getting an office with a meeting room already.


If you expect to meet clients regularly, then it makes perfect sense to just have a meeting room in your office. It is more cost-effective in terms of your needs. Otherwise, just rent one when you need it. You will only pay every time you use the room.


Getting a Meeting Room Rentals also depends on the clients you expect to meet. If you are meeting with executives, then of course, it pays to conduct meetings with them at a formal room for meeting. However, if your clients aren't comfortable meeting in rooms with plush chairs and fluorescent lights, then look for a more appropriate place to meet them.


In other words, everything depends on two things when it comes to deciding if you need it or not: your budget and the type of clients that you expect to meet.

Conference Room South Brisbane

Maree's Cafe - Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When it comes to meeting with prospective or current clients and other business partners, nothing beats holding your meeting it at a conference room South Brisbane. Of course, you may previously have chosen to have your meetings at less traditional places such as cafes or restaurants - but it is best if you are concerned about the outward appearance of your business that your meeting space presents the same professional tone that your clients will expect. Why? If you want to let your prospects that you are serious and successful when it comes to business, then a formal conference room will definitely help you to do that.


The only problem is, of course, the cost associated with renting the space you need - in fact if you have ever contacted a hotel for a meeting room price you would have been blown away by just how expensive it can be. Or perhaps you have not previously known that meeting rooms are available for rent. The good news is that times have changed and now you can rent a meeting room at a low price in a central South Brisbane location.


As a brand new venue, Upstairs at Marees offers you the professional setting that you would choose to hold your meetings. With brand new equipment and clean and tidy facilities, rates start at just $25 per hour and you can even choose from a range of catering menus from the cafe downstairs.  To find out more, check out the Upstairs at Marees link at the top of this page.

South Brisbane Conference Room Rental

Maree's Cafe - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The business industry has evolved drastically. Business owners can communicate to their target audience easily and efficiently with the use of online features such as e-mail, VoIP calls and other online solutions. With these innovative features, clients can obtain the benefits that they are looking for. Business owners can also attain other features from the internet.


However, there are times when business owners need to perform physical operations, from marketing, presentation and even meetings. Therefore, it is vital to have your own facilities. In case that you do not have your own establishment, especially if you are running an online business at home, the best option you can do is to look for conference room rentals.


Conference rooms for rent are the ideal option when it comes to improving your business since it can provide wonderful benefits for you and your business. Listed below are some of the benefits.


Reduced expenses

Having your own business facility is very expensive. You need to purchase the best materials for your establishment in order to make it sturdy. You also need to hire competent workers who can build your establishment properly. Business owners also need to purchase items for their facilities like chairs, tables, and many more. In addition to this, electric bills must also be taken care of. Thus, by renting conference rooms, you can reduce expenses since you can obtain all these features promptly.


Better presentations and meetings

Business owners can also improve their presentations and meetings. This is possible since conference rooms for rent also feature essential tools for your business such as audio visual equipment, internet and even phone systems. These tools can help you present better meetings to make sound decisions with your stakeholders and offer your services or products to your clients easily.


Improved reputation

By providing the best events and meetings for your stakeholders, you can improve your reputation. Furthermore, clients are rest assured that they are working with reliable companies that can provide them with the services or products they need, which can help them improve their performance and lifestyle.


Better productivity

Since you are using state-of-the-art tools and gadgets and you are making decisions in a comfortable room, you can improve your productivity. This can also help you improve your services to your clients.


With these benefits from conference room rentals, business owners can provide the best services that can make their ventures more effective and lucrative.

Hiring a Conference Room in Brisbane

Maree's Cafe - Monday, October 17, 2016

If your firm is considering conference room hire in Brisbane, you will find a number of large hotels offering this service. But why would you want to pay to hire out conference facilities? Here are some of the reasons why it could be the best option for your firm.


1) Great for Occasional Conferences

If you do not hold regular events in your organisation, then the need for your own conference room is going to be reduced. There is no need to pay for expensive facilities of your own when you can easily hire out a conference room instead. So save the cost and hassle of maintaining your own facilities and hire out instead.


2) Impress Your Clients

Even if you can afford your own conference facilities, unless you are a large firm then it is unlikely that you will be able to offer one of a similar standard to those available when you rent one. Google 'conference room hire' along with your locality and you will find many options where you can hire an excellent room and really impress your clients.


3) Fully Equipped

Conference rooms are not just open spaces. When you rent, the room will come fully equipped with everything you need to hold a successful conference. Rather than going to the expense and hassle of arranging all this for yourself, hire out a room instead and you'll benefit from first-class conference facilities without the hassle.


4) Cost Effective

In these hard economic times, every business is looking to save on unnecessary expenses wherever possible. Brisbane businesses can save on all the overheads of maintaining a conference room of their own, taking advantage of excellent facilities without having to spend more than necessary.

Why Hiring a Meeting Room is Great for Business

Maree's Cafe - Saturday, October 15, 2016

Every firm needs to hold meetings from time to time, but for some companies it is not always possible or even desirable to have their own meeting facilities. Hiring a meeting room is often a better solution, and when it comes to hiring rooms, Brisbane has numerous options available. Here are a few of the main benefits that small firms can get from hiring a meeting space instead of having their own.


Choose the Perfect Location

If you are holding a meeting with a client or customer who lives a long way from your office, it might be a better option to hire your meeting space. Brisbane is a large city, and hiring a meeting room nearer to your clients will mean they won't have to travel all the way across the city.


Get a Fully Equipped Room

Even if you have the space for your own meeting rooms, it is often difficult to ensure it is fully equipped because you don't want to spend money on expensive projectors or furniture. When you hire meeting space, you will have all of the equipment that you need without having to worry about expenses. Not only will this lead to a more comfortable environment, but you will also impress your clients and customers at the same time.


Choose the Ideal Room

If you are a small firm then you may be used to holding small meetings. But what happens when you need the extra space? By hiring meeting rooms, firms will get all the extra space they need without having to worry about cramming everyone into a small meeting room.


Less Need for Unnecessary Meetings

If you have your own meeting room then the temptation can sometimes be to hold meetings even when they are unnecessary. If you hire a room for each meeting instead of maintaining your own meeting space, you might realise that you can sort out the situation without holding a meeting at all.

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