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Professional Meeting Room Hire

Maree's Cafe - Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meetings are essential to establish and maintain successful business relationships, both internally and externally. They play a crucial role in the daily operations of all businesses, making the need for a professional meeting environment a vital business tool.


Where Can You Find A Professional Meeting Room?

There are a number of organisations that offer professional meeting room services. These include large hotels, conference centres and boutique providers such as Upstairs At Marees. All options offer a range of different facilities and services to support your business while you conduct your meeting.


Hotel Meeting Rooms

Hotels tend to be a popular choice for both business meetings and conferencing events; they can offer a more luxurious setting, especially when booked through a larger 5 star operator. Many leading hotels have dedicated business centres fully equipped with all the technology needed to support your business event, plus with onsite accommodation facilities and restaurants to ensure you, and your delegates, are well rested before and after your event.

Conference Centres

Conference centres are a popular choice for larger meetings often used to host industry exhibitions and seminars. The drawback is their size; conference centres provide a great option for organisations wanting to host business meetings on a large scale, but are not suitable as a smaller, more intimate meeting space?

Boutique Providers

Boutique providers offer  dedicated meeting spaces, fully equipped and managed by the provider. They are usually located in prime business districts, and offer great transportation connections and access to local amenities.

Meeting rooms come fully equipped with the latest audio and visual technology including Wi-Fi, enabling you to just 'plug and play' something that is not always available with alternative meeting options or other serviced office providers.

So whatever you are looking for options offer the equipment and technology required to ensure your event runs smoothly, representing a flexible external meeting solution that will support your business needs

Brisbane Day Office Hire

Maree's Cafe - Sunday, September 25, 2016

But the reality is the majority of the work takes place between flights and meetings, at airports, noisy coffee shops, and cramped and uncomfortable hotel rooms. These are the last places you want to be when compiling a winning business proposal, preparing or your next client meeting, or writing or designing content. These also don’t come with the on-demand business tools and services you have in your home office. You end up spending valuable time waiting on subpar Internet connections, searching for fax, mail, photocopy, and other services, and trying to concentrate through disruptive background noise and interruptions (from housekeeping in hotels to loud conversations in coffee shops).


Growing numbers of solopreneurs and business owners are turning to rented day offices when traveling (or even as their permanent offices in some cases). These day offices help improve work-life balance while enabling you to focus on what is important—you and your business. And as often is the case, meetings with employees, partners, and customers pop up during business and personal travel. If it’s just a one-on-one meeting, a day office is a perfect location, lacking the interruptions and absence of privacy of a coffee shop, but including the business tools and services you may need. And with conference rooms also an option in most rented meeting space facilities with day offices, you can seamlessly add one.

Caterered Meeting Room South Brisbane

Suzy Black - Friday, September 23, 2016

Searching through conference venues to find one where you are guaranteed exceptional regular meeting room hire is much like finding a new favorite restaurant. To be able to visit the restaurant frequently the prices will need to be great value, the food and venue exceptional, and the staff should remember what your favorite order.

If you are looking for meeting room hire on a regular basis, make sure that your special requests and exceptional treatment are tended to even when your main point of contact is away.  Exceptional conference venues are ones where you are not just tied to a single contact but where the staff knows your business and what your requests were on the previous visit.

Ambience is important when looking for meeting room hire at any venue.  Factors such as fresh paint and flooring will ensure that the venue's appearance supports your company image. Well functioning audio visual equipment is a must in making or breaking your meeting room hire, so make sure you are not getting stuck with old equipment that malfunctions.

If you are a regular user, your meeting venue should be able to remember exactly what you needed last time and offer you the same services with minimum booking hassle - that means that you get what you need every time, without having to explain over and over again. Great service is a must, and if you can find a meeting room that ticks all the boxes you are on to a winner.

Virtual Office in Brisbane

Maree's Cafe - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So what is a virtual office?

The question we often get asked is: “what exactly is a virtual office?”

In short, this service offers businesses the opportunity to have a prestigious office address – without actually needing their own premises.

But it’s much more than that – let’s look at the other plus points:

  • Great way to do business

Lots of consultancy and micro businesses are home-based – and why not. The cost of renting business premises can be crippling – and that’s before paying business rates. The problem is you can’t really invite potential clients to meet you at home – especially if they are big players (and if they Google search your address and see your ‘office’ on street view they may be put off). A virtual office will boost your business profile.


  • Protect your privacy

Who wants customers coming to your home address anyway? Working from home makes sense but using it for meetings – really? And there are only so many coffee shops you can have meetings in before the noise and other irritations become a nuisance. Home business meetings can even put you at risk, especially if you work in a contentious industry or may get irate customers turning up your doorstep.


  • Meet, greet and impress

Our virtual office customers take advantage of preferential room hire rates and often enjoy bringing colleagues, clients and potential customers to ‘their’ office for a meeting. The excellent tea/coffee is complimentary too!


  • Reinforces your credibility

When contacts check out people they want to do business with they may need to know you’re in it for the long haul. If you have ‘premises’, a business landline number and a business postal address you look pukka – suggesting permanence, success and security.


  • Value for money

Compared to the cost of a physical business premises, a virtual office is exceptional value for money. There’s no long term tie-in, no business rates, no rent, no overheads (heat/light), no repairs/maintenance and no commuting if you’re based nearby. For a small monthly fee you have all of the benefits but none of costs or hassle.

Essential Brisbane Function Room Hire

Maree's Cafe - Saturday, September 17, 2016

5. Confirm All Necessary Room Elements

While Upstairs at Marees will have everything you need available — tables, chairs, wifi, audio-visual equipment, and more — it’s up to you to determine what you will need, communicate it to the host, and confirm that it is all in place before your meeting begins.

6. Make the Most of Wall Space

Whether using a projection screen, blackboard, whiteboard, signage, charts, graphs or all of the above, arrange them in a way that is visually pleasing and maximizes available wall space without being too cluttered. Most people are visual by nature and will have an easier time staying focused and retaining the information with the help of visual elements.

7. Designate An Impromptu Meeting Area

For larger meetings lasting half a day or more, consider partitioning off a corner or small portion of the room as a space for small breakout meetings and/or for attendees to make or take relevant business phone calls.

8. Coffee and Catering

Longer meetings can benefit from having coffee service, light snacks and catering on hand. Upstairs at Marees staff can advise you of your best options depending upon meeting length and provide excellent service for any size meeting.

Make The Most of your Brisbane Meeting Space

Suzy Black - Friday, September 16, 2016

Renting conference rooms in Brisbane for your meeting or business event is an excellent way to create a space conducive to accomplishing your goals. However, that's just the start; here are some ways to make the very most of your meeting space rental:

1. Ask for Staff/Attendee Input

Before the meeting, ask staff/attendees for input about what they would like to get out of the function as well as their preferred room layout/structure. Should speakers come up front, or would a round table format be best? Should there be smaller breakout groups? Encourage attendees to write their ideas down and submit them before you will begin finalising the details.

2. Brainstorm and Plan Ahead

The idea phase is a time for listing anything and everything that might be addressed in the meeting as well as room layout ideas. From there, pare it down to essentials and create a cohesive plan/itinerary for the meeting. Make a comprehensive list of all essential room elements and supplies you will need as well.

3. Partner with a Pro

Don’t leave your Brisbane meeting venue rental to chance; partner with a proven leader in facility and function rental.  A professional space is a must, as is a professional staffing team - they can anticipate your needs and assist you in planning a smooth and successful event.

4. Set the Tone Early

The first five to ten minutes of the meeting will set the tone, so plan this portion carefully. Consider relating the meeting agenda to a recent news item or talking point from a current business bestseller book related to the objectives of the meeting. Let this opening approach inform your room layout and setup as well; for example, a more dynamic opener will have more impact if the speaker is standing. For more sensitive topics, having everyone seated can be more conducive to progress.

Business Meeting Venue Brisbane

Suzy Black - Thursday, September 15, 2016

When looking for a professional setting for your corporate events, Upstairs at Marees in South Brisbane can extend to you a warm and inviting environment.


The meeting room can be rearranged  to whichever format you see fit, with felxible options for layouts and numbers of attendees.


Upstairs at Marees sets the bar in excellent service for all Business Meeting Venues Brisbane and will help to host your functions in a beautiful room bursting with character, guaranteed to keep the attention and focus of your team and audience.


Having worked in the Cafe and Catering scene for many years, the team at Upstairs at Marees are confident that they will deliver the right results for your corporate event – from all aspects from venue through to providing business equipment.


Set a short stroll from the river in South Brisbane, Upstairs at Marees will also ensure high specification catering to your requirements for all types of business events and they are flexible in their offerings. Known for proving great fresh food, at a great value price - an extensive catering menu is available to you and your guests.


The team at Upstairs at Marees are passionate about what they do - and mixed with the high quality service and string reputation they have built in the business catering field, they provide and strive to maintain the highest quality Business Meeting Venue Brisbane.


Training Venue Brisbane

Suzy Black - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do you need to host a training event? Are you looking for a unique venue in Brisbane in which to offer training? You need look no further than Upstairs at Marees

Training venues are training venues because they can provide large and spacious rooms and all the facilities a group might need for training. Catering is also important, as day-long training will require refreshments and personnel who can meet and greet the guests.


There are many benefits to hiring conference facilities including:

1.      You can choose the room setup and facilities based on your needs.

2.      Only pay for the time you require the room.

3.      A neutral location often works better for business training.

4.      Save money as opposed to running a bigger office on a daily basis.

5.      Other services on hand to assist, like food and drink.


If you’re looking for training venues in Brisbane and the surrounding area then you can’t go wrong with Upstairs at Marees. Whatever your training room requirements, we can accommodate all your requests. No doubt you’ll need wireless internet access and possibly the use of a projector, and we have both these facilities, while the room we offer is spacious and full of natural light. We’ll have space for all your training sessions, and we’ll be able to offer the high levels of service and hospitality you expect. Find the right training venue in Upstairs at Marees

Small Function Venue Brisbane

Suzy Black - Monday, September 12, 2016

Looking for a large space in which to hold a business meeting or conference? Most large hotels now double up as conference venues as they have large reception rooms which can be transformed into meeting rooms and the space to provide hospitality to delegates. If, on the other hand, you have to hold a meeting in Somerset then there’s a venue with a difference which provides hire space for conferences: Upstairs at Marees

If you’re planning to hold a large conference and you need a hospitality venue to cater to your every need then look no further than Upstairs at Marees. We can help you plan your event, whether it be a business conference or an interview day. We can accommodate you, whether you need a small meeting room for two or for ten. Providing a personal, friendly and welcoming service, we’re located within a short distance from Brisbane city Centre in the suburb of South Brisbane

The team at Upstairs at Marees are dedicated to ensuring that your corporate event goes just as planned. They believe in the personal approach and so treat every client as an individual. You'll never feel like 'just a number' when you book your next function here. Many businesses in various industry sectors have chosen to hold events at Upstairs at Marees with catering from Marees Cafe, which has developed an excellent reputation across Brisbane city and beyond.


Venue Hire Brisbane

Suzy Black - Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finding a venue hire Brisbane that fits both your requirements and your budget that still has a sense of character can be a tall order these days.  Many meeting rooms are generic places in serviced office centres or hotels.  Upstairs at Marees offers something different and is the ideal venue if you are looking for meeting rooms in or around Brisbane.


Upstairs at Marees is a great venue located above the renowned Maree's Cafe in South Brisbane. A Brisbane institution offering great food, and great coffee Maree's Cafe also offers business catering through the MC Caterers brand.   Having the cafe onsite at Upstairs at Marees means that we are able to povide your meeting with excellent fresh food and hot drinks, scheduled at an interval that best suits you. Breakfast meeting over coffee and pastries? No problem at all - you can hire our clean and modern space and select from an extensive catering menu to make your meeting go off without a hitch.

With the room being able to be configured to your requirements and with great, useful facilities such as free wifi, white board, projector and screen - you can rest assured that we have you covered with all the essentials for a great meeting. Venue hire Brisbane is often something that people gravitate towards using hotel meeting facilities, but these are very often not the best choice as they are impersonal and lack the service and setting that you would most desire. Our aim at Upstairs at Marees is to provide you with the very best - space, food and service, so try us out today. 

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