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Professional Meeting Room Hire

Maree's Cafe - Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meetings are essential to establish and maintain successful business relationships, both internally and externally. They play a crucial role in the daily operations of all businesses, making the need for a professional meeting environment a vital business tool.


Where Can You Find A Professional Meeting Room?

There are a number of organisations that offer professional meeting room services. These include large hotels, conference centres and boutique providers such as Upstairs At Marees. All options offer a range of different facilities and services to support your business while you conduct your meeting.


Hotel Meeting Rooms

Hotels tend to be a popular choice for both business meetings and conferencing events; they can offer a more luxurious setting, especially when booked through a larger 5 star operator. Many leading hotels have dedicated business centres fully equipped with all the technology needed to support your business event, plus with onsite accommodation facilities and restaurants to ensure you, and your delegates, are well rested before and after your event.

Conference Centres

Conference centres are a popular choice for larger meetings often used to host industry exhibitions and seminars. The drawback is their size; conference centres provide a great option for organisations wanting to host business meetings on a large scale, but are not suitable as a smaller, more intimate meeting space?

Boutique Providers

Boutique providers offer  dedicated meeting spaces, fully equipped and managed by the provider. They are usually located in prime business districts, and offer great transportation connections and access to local amenities.

Meeting rooms come fully equipped with the latest audio and visual technology including Wi-Fi, enabling you to just 'plug and play' something that is not always available with alternative meeting options or other serviced office providers.

So whatever you are looking for options offer the equipment and technology required to ensure your event runs smoothly, representing a flexible external meeting solution that will support your business needs

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