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Make The Most of your Brisbane Meeting Space

Suzy Black - Friday, September 16, 2016

Renting conference rooms in Brisbane for your meeting or business event is an excellent way to create a space conducive to accomplishing your goals. However, that's just the start; here are some ways to make the very most of your meeting space rental:

1. Ask for Staff/Attendee Input

Before the meeting, ask staff/attendees for input about what they would like to get out of the function as well as their preferred room layout/structure. Should speakers come up front, or would a round table format be best? Should there be smaller breakout groups? Encourage attendees to write their ideas down and submit them before you will begin finalising the details.

2. Brainstorm and Plan Ahead

The idea phase is a time for listing anything and everything that might be addressed in the meeting as well as room layout ideas. From there, pare it down to essentials and create a cohesive plan/itinerary for the meeting. Make a comprehensive list of all essential room elements and supplies you will need as well.

3. Partner with a Pro

Don’t leave your Brisbane meeting venue rental to chance; partner with a proven leader in facility and function rental.  A professional space is a must, as is a professional staffing team - they can anticipate your needs and assist you in planning a smooth and successful event.

4. Set the Tone Early

The first five to ten minutes of the meeting will set the tone, so plan this portion carefully. Consider relating the meeting agenda to a recent news item or talking point from a current business bestseller book related to the objectives of the meeting. Let this opening approach inform your room layout and setup as well; for example, a more dynamic opener will have more impact if the speaker is standing. For more sensitive topics, having everyone seated can be more conducive to progress.

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