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Maree's Cafe - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Conferences are a great way to share information and to meet new contacts. This is the reason why they are very common in every industry and are often well-attended by the major players in the industry.


If you are looking at conference venues for your next conference, here are a few key factors to consider:


Budget and costs:

The venue will be one of the largest costs of the conference. It is, therefore, important to allocate a portion of the budget towards it and, more importantly, to find a venue that is within budget. It is also worth considering what the venue will provide. If it will provide you with staffing, audio visual equipment, seating etc, then consider this into the price as it will save you having to hire that separately.



It is important to choose a venue that is easily accessible. Consider the different modes of transport will take to get to the conference. Is there enough car park space? Is it close to a train station? Are there local buses? If the conference is on a larger scale and people from different parts of the country or world are flying in, is it located near an airport?



During the conference, several facilities are needed. Catering facilities are important. Internet facilities and telephone facilities are also important. The option of private meeting rooms is also something that could add value to the conference. Finally, if the conference will last more than one day or if people are flying in for it, accommodation facilities are also important.

When choosing conference venues, ensure that you choose somewhere that is easy to get to, has good facilities and, most importantly, somewhere that you and the conference attendees will feel comfortable in.

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