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Maree's Cafe - Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Remote work is now becoming certainly becoming the norm and not the exception. So for employees who are on the road, where do essential meetings occur? The reality is that for many, busy airports, noisy coffee shops, and small hotel rooms will often become less-than-perfect meeting space. But when it comes to crafting a winning business proposal, presenting a strategic portfolio or even just discussing business undertaken, if you are travelling in South East Queensland, the prospect of using a Brisbane Day Office is far more appealing.


What you need is a professional a day office where you can focus on work, knowing you have the right technology tools at your fingertips and business services at the ready. This was a major premise behind the creation of Upstairs at Marees - creating a great value space with all the facilties and peace that you need to hold your business meetings effectively.


Located a short walk from the river in South Brisbane, Upstairs at Marees offers everyone from individuals to groups of companies of all sizes, a range of great meeting services and first class catering. Whether you need a Brisbane day office for an hour, half-day, entire day, or multiple days, we have got you covered and include pricing plans to allow you flexibility to choose what best suits your business requirements.


So instead of expensive hotel meeting rooms, explore your options and drop up a line, you won’t be disappointed with our facilities or service.

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